Why do US sponsors come to Russia? Discover new options for clinical trials
Thursday, June 20, 2019
11 am PT / 14 pm ET
Find out why more than 50% of studies initiated in Russia are conducted by foreign sponsors with the US in the lead. Key experts from one of the major local CROs in Eastern Europe will share exclusive insights on 3 critical benefits of the region to advance your clinical strategy.
Within 45 minutes you will find out:
Why it is faster and more cost-efficient to enroll patients in Russia? Additional tools for a more effective patient recruitment (ads, bonuses etc.)
How to build a 100% success strategy for obtaining a CTA in the region
How to gain market authorization in several EEU countries having registered a drug only in one of them
Real case studies that you can apply right away
Irina Petrova
Director of Clinical Operations, OCT Clinical Trials
A highly competent professional, MD in Psychiatry, Irina Petrova has been working in clinical trials industry for over 15 years. At OCT, Irina performs the functions of the controlling project supervisor. Project managers report to Irina on the status of the ongoing studies. Irina handles all the fundamental issues regarding clinical operations in all the countries OCT runs its projects - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia, Moldova, Georgia, Estonia and Bulgaria. Irina's deep expertise covers all phases from pre-clinical to with Phase IV studies and various therapeutic areas including oncology, infectious diseases, oncohematology, children diseases, endocrinology, internal diseases, rheumatology, neurology, surgery, cardiology, systematic diseases, gastroenterology, etc.
Anna Yanaeva
Business Development Director, OCT Clinical Trials
Anna is a competent clinical trials expert responsible for OCT business development strategy for US based sponsors. During the webinar she will act as a moderator facilitating the communication between the guest speaker and the audience.
Although it is a free event, spots are limited. We recommend not to linger over signing up
About OCT
OCT is a leading local CRO operating in Russia, Eastern Europe and CIS region. With over 300 projects in its portfolio, OCT offers a full range of services to manage Phase I-IV and BE studies, as well as offering standalone services, such as medical writing, consulting, project management and monitoring, and data management and biostatistics. More information can be found on the website.
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